Bolduc Logistics

Bolduc Logistics is the Dispatch and Billing Division of Bolduc and Sons .  Bolduc Logistics specializes in
Inventory and Price Management:
Inventory Management:  Managing your inventory is critical. If you run out of fuel, you lose sales and customers. But if you have too much fuel in inventory then you have money unnecessarily tied up.
Price Management:  Managing the price of your inventory is critical.  If the you have too much fuel in inventory and the market drops in price, you lose money on existing inventory.  If the market rises and you do not increase your fuel inventory, you lose potential income
How do you mange Fuel Inventory and Price in markets that are changing by the minute.
Call Bolduc Logistics, your Fuel Inventory and Price Specialist.

Logistics and Fuel Coordinator:  Rebecca Kennis - 309-334-2153.